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Adaptation views: Eric Dawson on Scotland’s Adaptation Conference


Eric Dawson from Architecture+Design Scotland has provided an interesting and insightful summary of his day at Scotland’s Adaptation Conference – we’re cross-posting it here!

Visit the A+DS feature here and download the pdf report

A+DS has been pleased to support and collaborate with Adaptation Scotland / Sniffer in relation to climate change initiatives that have included training events and the recent launch of the short film ‘Adapting to Change: Scotland’s Climate Stories’.

This article provides a summary of Scotland’s Adaptation Conference on ‘showcasing – engaging – inspiring’ which was held at Our Dynamic Earth on 9 September 2013. The event was organised by Adaptation Scotland and Sniffer, and sponsored by SEPA, SNH and The Scottish Government.

The event featured a series of presentation, and the keynote address was provided by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, who noted evidence that climate is changing and that key challenges lie ahead.

The Minister spoke of a need to become more resilient through forming new partnerships and collaborations. He described a need for a shared vision, and referred to examples of work being done by ‘Climate Ready Clyde’ and Tayplan.

Mainstreaming inspirational projects – working with nature to help Scotland adapt to climate change.


Policy makers like to talk about helping nature and its benefits but reality can be different’ – especially for those managing tight budgets. Those of us involved in policy do sometimes get a bit carried away with exciting new things and forget the realities, so it was a good reality check at the beginning of one of the Natural Environment Parallel Sessions at the recent Scotland’s Adaptation Conference.

 The aim of the two sessions on the day was to inspire and to show that the natural environment not only needs and deserves our support in the face of a changing climate but can be an asset when it comes to adaptation rather than a burden. However, it was clear from participants that despite it being appreciated, nature is not always seen as an important asset. ‘We don’t always make a persuasive argument’ regarding the benefits or ‘the economic case’. Continue reading

If I wasn’t going I’d go. Scotland’s Adaptation Conference – 9th Sept

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I’ll be attending next week’s Scotland’s Adaptation Conference (it would be rude not to considering the number of people I’ve roped in to running, chairing and presenting at various sessions!).

I’m actually genuinely excited about this conference. Organising your own conference is a bit like hosting a house party – with most energy going in to making sure everyone else has a good time and goes home with good memories, often the event its self goes past in a bit of a blur. Having said that, I know that I’m personally going to get a lot out of this event – I’m looking forward to hearing and learning from some of the UK’s leading adaptation thinkers and doers – many of whom are based here in Scotland (take a look at the conference programme here).

The conference has been a sell-out since early August which is testament to the excellent range of speakers and key note listeners that we have attending from across the UK and Europe. If you’ve missed out on attending or live too far away to join us you can still follow the conversation on the day via twitter #Scotadapt13 and take a look at all of the presentations which will be online after the event.

With 5 days to go I’m convinced that this conference is gearing up to be a significant milestone in Scotland’s journey towards adapting to climate change.

ARCC energy projects – getting underway


Last Friday, Karen Miller and I attended the afternoon of an ARCC CN event showcasing some of the energy projects that have recently begun – conveniently held at the King’s Buildings, The University of Edinburgh.

Having previously seen updates from the energy projects in their very early stages – it was great to see the progress being made – and we will continue to keep an eye on these over their remaining years.

Continue reading

Lessons from London – Launch of Climate Service UK

This week the Met Office launched “Climate Service UK”, an initiative providing climate information to help users manage exposure to climate variability and change. On Monday morning I boarded the 05:40 train to London to attend the launch event. With a keynote address from Rt Hon Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, it was no surprise the event (held at the Institute of Physics) attracted the attention of the media; I was sitting a few seats along from Newsnight’s Science Editor Susan Watts.

The programme was packed with expert speakers, and I want to briefly reflect on some of their key messages. Firstly, because they are relevant to anyone working on adaptation whether in research or practice; and secondly, because Adaptation Scotland is already putting these in practice (there’s nothing wrong with self-promotion!) Continue reading