Adaptation Scotland…a student’s perspective

Our latest blog has been written by Elspeth Dundas who spent time working with Sniffer during the summer. Our thanks to Elspeth for her enthusiasm and interest in the work of Sniffer, in particular the Adaptation Scotland Programme. All the best for your final year of studies, Elspeth…we’re looking forward to some new adaptation research!

During the summer break from my studies at the University of Edinburgh I was fortunate enough to spend time with the Adaptation Scotland team, allowing me to understand the initiative’s role in preparing Scotland for the effects of climate change. As well as talking to each member of staff and learning about their individual roles and experiences, I was also included in several aspects of the ongoing work. Attending the first Adaptation Learning Exchange (ALE) workshop opened my eyes to the problems that are encountered by people trying to implement climate adaptation measures in the working environment. I found this particularly interesting as in a university setting the effects of climate change are treated as a considerable threat and are rarely disputed, whereas in a business setting the long-term nature of the effects of climate change makes the issue much easier to overlook.

Shortly after the ALE workshop I was invited to attend a meeting in Lockerbie that brought together members of the three local councils involved in Scotland’s first Biosphere Reserve project. The meeting aimed to initiate a series of workshops bringing together multiple stakeholders with the intention of outlining the ways in which sectors can work together in order to adapt to future climate change, with the intention of publishing a booklet outlining a vision for the Biosphere Reserve.

In both situations the importance of the role played by Adaptation Scotland was clear: facilitating events that brought together stakeholders with common interests and allowing them to benefit from one another and work together. I hope to attend future workshops and see the progress made, in particular with the publication of the Biosphere information booklet, and cannot thank the Adaptation Scotland team enough for the warm welcome I received.

Elspeth Dundas

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