Swedes on study trip

Adaptation Scotland and Climate North East kindly gave a group of swedes a few very useful and nice days on business climate adaptation. We were eight people from companies and municipalities, eager to learn from the experiences in the UK. You definitely have more experience than us! Probably because you already have had more severe weather events than we have.

We run a project in Sweden called A changing climate for business. The project is developing a method to help companies to be resilient in a changing climate. It will take into account direct and indirect, positive and negative economical consequences of climate change for business in Sweden. The method is applied on specific companies connected to forestry and food production in the region of Scania.

At our stay in Edinburgh and Newcastle we had very interesting discussions with the staff at Adaptation Scotland and Climate North East. We also got to listen to Scottish Whisky Association and Diageo, who told us about the importance of securing the value chain. We made a visit to Crookston Hill farm south of Edinburgh, where they have worked a lot with water management. At Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation we listened to several interesting speakers at a seminar on climate adaptation.

We learned a lot from our study trip! One example is the importance of looking at the whole value chain when identifying risks and opportunities. Another is the importance of trigging the companies by talking about risk management and opportunities as a way of being competitive and successful.

Thank you Anna, Karen and Adrian who made a terrific programme for us, and the rest of you who spent some time sharing knowledge with us! We hope to see you again soon!

Maria Larsson
INDEA AB, Sweden

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