Lessons from above

This lunchtime I took a short detour from the rigours of adaptation planning and took myself off to a creative writing and poetry workshop at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

It was amazing and, as often happens it brought me right back to thoughts of resilience building, future and legacy.

The workshop centred on a beautiful Britain From Above photography exhibition which shows amazing aerial photography of Glasgow and the Clyde Valley taken during the early 1900’s. The photo below doesn’t do it justice – if you are in Glasgow I’d highly recommend a visit.

Lighthouse Exhibition

Lighthouse Exhibition

The other people taking part in the workshop knew the areas shown in the photos very well and talked about their experiences of living and working in the places shown, many of which are barely recognisable today. Their reflections on the photos were powerful – they were looking for reference points – places that had stood the test of time and still existed in the present day. They reflected on memories of what it felt like to live and work in the areas shown. You can listen to some of the poems and reflections here

All of this got me thinking about the future. In 70 years time what will Scotland look like from the air? What will influence how society changes? Climate change won’t be the only influence that affects how we live in the future but it’ll be a significant one. How will our communities and businesses be coping with the impacts of climate change? Will we make decisions today that they will look back on and be grateful for?

The discussions about the photos were so interesting that I didn’t actually have time to stay and do any creative writing based on the images. It’s great hearing and seeing what the others created through. I’ve been reminded that understanding and appreciating the past is an important part of building for the future and I’m inspired again to play my part in driving forward action to increase resilience to climate change impacts for the benefit of present and future generations.

Thank you to Emily Dodd for running the workshop and inviting me to attend. Thanks also to my fellow participants for sharing their stories and creativity.

Interesting and linked things:

The workshop I attended is one in a series – you can sign up for one too

Our Climate Ready Clyde vision document talks about a positive vision for a climate ready Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Coming soon – adaptation visuals – using images to describe a climate ready future – check out Joe’s blog post on the process of making these visuals.




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