Local authorities join forces to plan for climate change…with a little help from Adaptation Scotland!

Thanks to Jim Fraser, Emergency Planning Officer at Scottish Borders Council, for his guest blog on Adaptation Scotland’s new local authority climate risk support group:

Like most other local authorities or organisations, we are all very busy and when it comes to the issue of climate change adaptation. It’s in people’s minds but it may have been put into the ‘too difficult to do box’ for the time being.

As someone who has to deal regularly with the outcome of extreme weather and climate change and can see the damage caused and the cost of the response, the time to address climate change risks is now and not later. This will allow us to adapt and protect our infrastructure and communities.

The idea for an adaptation support group had been in my mind since attending Adaptation Scotland’s climate change risk training and other meetings. There is no doubt that through past experience on other issues we can work together in Scotland by learning and supporting each other to develop a process to reduce climate change risks. We have two excellent organisations to assist us in Sniffer and Adaptation Scotland, with whom the group will work to develop adaptation guidance for public bodies. This guidance will assist us to meet the challenges, inform our senior management teams, and take action.

For more information about the risk support group please contact Karen Miller: karen@sniffer.org.uk

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