ARCC energy projects – getting underway


Last Friday, Karen Miller and I attended the afternoon of an ARCC CN event showcasing some of the energy projects that have recently begun – conveniently held at the King’s Buildings, The University of Edinburgh.

Having previously seen updates from the energy projects in their very early stages – it was great to see the progress being made – and we will continue to keep an eye on these over their remaining years.

Having a background in geomorphology myself, I was perhaps predisposed to the ARCoES project – which is looking at coastal evolution around four nuclear power station sites in England. It was interesting to see the long-term approach that is required for this critical infrastructure – covering operation and decommissioning, the timescale extends to 2500! To achieve this they are producing an integrated model of the coast that is appropriate for a range of coastal types – and are also seeking to develop decision-support elements. Although new nuclear isn’t on the cards for Scotland, many of the lessons from this project will be relevant to important infrastructure and communities at our coast.

The other two energy projects covered at the event were focussed on the resilience of the UK energy system to the impacts of climate change. ARIES is developing a comprehensive risk framework to assess and manage our future energy systems – and includes researchers from both The University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. While RESNET is developing an approach to analyse climate-related changes in the reliability of the UK’s electricity system – including improvements to wind models and spatially coincident weather scenarios.

The ARCC Coordination Network has been an excellent resource that has helped Adaptation Scotland engage with a broad range of projects over recent years – and we are looking forward to seeing this service grow in the near future!

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